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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kobe and Pau=Kobe and Shaq pt. 2?

They might not be as united as you think. Gregory Schepfield, our source in Los Angeles, has informed me that Kobe took recent comments by Pau Gasol to heart. The worst part? Sources deep inside the Lakers organizing are pointing that Kobe's absence the last few games was to prove a point about how much Gasol needed him. "He just said in the middle of practice one day, 'I don't think I can play coach'. He was looking fine up until that point."

Now for the kicker, the Lakers are 3-0 without Kobe, who showed some clear struggles without Gasol earlier in the season. "The Locker room seems much happier the last few games, people are getting shots, and they are winning", said Schepfield. There are also unconfirmed rumors of verbal altercations between the two superstars on several occasions. More news is sure to come in the next few days, and I will be sure to be the first to report it when it comes out.

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  1. Kobe will never change. Dude is so selfish. This isnt hard to believe, especially after he got the scoring record and Gasol said "Good, now we can get back to winning games".